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Take in the results of a Structural Summary Method analysis and plot the point and interval estimate for each row (e.g., group or measure) in a circular space quantified by displacement and amplitude.


  amax = NULL,
  legend_font_size = 12,
  scale_font_size = 12,
  lowfit = TRUE,
  repel = FALSE,
  angle_labels = NULL, = 0,
  palette = "Set2",



The output of ssm_profiles() or ssm_measures().


A positive real number corresponding to the radius of the circle. It is used to scale the amplitude values and will determine which amplitude labels are drawn.


A positive real number corresponding to the size (in pt) of the text labels in the legend (default = 12).


A positive real number corresponding to the size (in pt) of the text labels for the amplitude and displacement scales (default = 12).


A logical determining whether profiles with low model fit (<.70) should be plotted, with dashed borders (default = TRUE).


An experimental argument for plotting text labels instead of colors.


A character vector specifying text labels to plot around the circle for each scale. Can also specify NULL to default to numerical angle labels or a vector of empty strings ("") to hide the labels. If not NULL, must have the same length and ordering as the angles argument to ssm_analyze(). (default = NULL)

A double corresponding to the distance (in inches) to add between the data plot and the legend (default = 0).


A string corresponding to the palette to be used from ColorBrewer for the color and fill aesthetics. If set to NULL, all points will appear blue and no legend will be there (useful for showing the coverage of a high number of variables).


Currently ignored.


A ggplot variable containing a completed circular plot.