The circumplex package includes information about numerous circumplex instruments including instructions for scoring and standardizing items to be used in conjunction with the score and standardize functions. This function loads the information for a specific instrument into memory. See the instruments function to list all available instruments.




Required. A string (e.g., "iip32") or text in non-standard evaluation (e.g., iip32). The code of the instrument assigned by this package and displayed in parentheses by instruments().


The instrument object for the requested circumplex instrument. If the function is called without a name assignment (LHS), then the object will be created in the global environment with the default name as above. Or, if a name is assigned (LHS), the object will have that name instead.

See also

Other instrument functions: anchors(), instruments(), items(), norms(), scales()


instrument(iip32) instrument("iip32") x <- instrument(iip32)