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The circumplex package includes information about numerous circumplex instruments including instructions for scoring and standardizing items. Individual instruments can be loaded using the instrument function.



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Other instrument functions: anchors(), instrument(), items(), norms(), scales()


#> The circumplex package currently includes 13 instruments:
#>  1. CSIE: Circumplex Scales of Interpersonal Efficacy (csie)
#>  2. CSIG: Circumplex Scales of Intergroup Goals (csig)
#>  3. CSIP: Circumplex Scales of Interpersonal Problems (csip)
#>  4. CSIV: Circumplex Scales of Interpersonal Values (csiv)
#>  5. IGI-CR: Interpersonal Goals Inventory for Children, Revised Version (igicr)
#>  6. IIP-32: Inventory of Interpersonal Problems, Brief Version (iip32)
#>  7. IIP-64: Inventory of Interpersonal Problems (iip64)
#>  8. IIP-SC: Inventory of Interpersonal Problems, Short Circumplex (iipsc)
#>  9. IIS-32: Inventory of Interpersonal Strengths, Brief Version (iis32)
#>  10. IIS-64: Inventory of Interpersonal Strengths (iis64)
#>  11. IIT-C: Inventory of Influence Tactics Circumplex (iitc)
#>  12. IPIP-IPC: IPIP Interpersonal Circumplex (ipipipc)
#>  13. ISC: Interpersonal Sensitivities Circumplex (isc)